Warzone leak hints at possible Vanguard map reveal date

Warzone leak hints at possible Vanguard map reveal dateActivision

For months we’ve heard the rumors that the next Call of Duty in the franchise will be Vanguard. It has also been reported that the game will be revealed through Warzone in a live event.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is set to release in 2021 as Gamescom recently announced that Activision will be taking part in this year’s event.

Last year the world got to see the Call of Duty: Cold War reveal trailer the day before Gamescom started and then got a world premiere new look at the game during the event.

Gamescom 2021 is scheduled to begin August 25, and with Activision confirmed to be there the stars are aligning for a Vanguard reveal.

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CoD VanguardActivision
The next installment of Call of Duty is rumored to be called Vanguard

August reveal would line up with Activision’s past

Last August, Call of Duty revealed Black Ops Cold War through a Warzone in-game event where players had to complete tasks before unlocking the reveal while playing the game.

Earlier this year it was reported by popular leaker Tom Henderson that Call of Duty will be revealing the next installment of the franchise through another Warzone event.

Although nothing has been confirmed by Activision, data miners have been digging through the files to find as much information as possible.

ZestyCODLeaks reported in April that a “Major Event” is coming to Warzone and that there will be a cutscene following the event.

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The leak also says that the Cold War reveal was listed as “x1_fin” in the files and this new event is listed as “x2” which fans are hopeful that it means there will be a reveal.

More Vanguard details emerging before reveal

Vanguard is also reportedly set to bring a new World War II-themed Warzone map to the community. This is rumored to include planes, tanks, and boats.

A new controller setting was added to the game at the start of Season 4 and screenshots show players can now select “Airplanes Only” for invert vertical look.

Warzone Plane Controller SettingsActivision
Season 4 came with a new controller setting that had an option for “Airplanes Only”

Activision has remained silent on their side of things, but did say in a conference call that the next CoD is, “designed to integrate with and enhance the existing COD ecosystem.” So fans could expect to see a change to Warzone in the near future.

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