Warzone pro OEK responds to hacking accusations

. 12 days ago
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OMiT pro Warzone player OEK responded to hacking accusations by releasing an official statement and walking through several clips in question. 

OEK  is a bright young talent and recently had a breakout tournament, winning a 15,000 CharlieIntel and BoomTV Trio Customs tournament on April 21.

Hacking in Warzone is a major issue for both casual and competitive players. Raven Software introduced its own anti-cheat system RICOCHET and a new feature that “disarms” hackers.

Despite all of Raven Software’s efforts to alleviate the issue, hacking still plagues Warzone and it is especially problematic if competitive players cheat and win money from it. Recently, OEK was accused of using hacks casting a blight on his reputation and that of Warzone.

RICOCHET anti cheat logo
RICOCHET was first introduced back in December, but players have had their doubts on whether it’s working.

Warzone player OEK responds to cheating allegations

OEK released a statement and Tweeted several responses to the clips in question. OEK said in his statement, “It’s sad everyone is jumping to a conclusion when I have been playing and streaming to try and make it a career for almost two years.”

One of the clips in question shows OEK shooting through a wall twice, but it does not confirm whether or not he was cheating. In his statement, OEK stated, “I ran at a team shooting through the walls. I didn’t kill any but I knew we had only killed 3, so there had to be one more so I shot through the walls at the only place he could come from.”

Another clip showed OEK downing an enemy on a roof. OEK Tweeted a response and said, “the clip that was ‘deleted.’ I had information on the guy prior who peaked before I got the loadout.

This clip also does not confirm that cheating occurred.

OEK also tweeted, “I have put too much time into this for my name to be tarnished by this. I will do anything to show I am not hacking and if I need to take a six-hour train to London for a LAN I will.”

No official ban has been issued yet to OEK but we will provide any further updates.

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