Warzone pro Jukeyz wakes up from induced coma and asks if Modern Warfare 2 is out

Brad Norton
Warzone pro Jukeyz

Popular Warzone pro Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James is awake and “doing well” after being put into an induced coma on September 27 amid complications with an asthma attack. Naturally, he was quick to ask whether Modern Warfare 2 was on store shelves yet.

Having suffered a “bad asthma attack” on September 26, Warzone star Jukeyz was put into an induced coma the following day, his partner announced on social media. While his heart temporarily stopped, his body “responded well” to medication early on and now just three days later, he’s conscious once again.

“Liam is now awake and doing well,” his partner confirmed in an update on September 30. Beyond that, no further insight was provided as his family keeps a degree of privacy during the troubling times. However, we do have one clear sign Jukeyz is already back to the grind mentality as he asked “if Modern Warfare 2 is out yet” shortly after waking up.

While still a ways out from the full release, it’s obviously an encouraging sign the streamer is eager to get healthy and back on the sticks. While there’s clearly no indication for when that might be, fans can rest assured Jukeyz is on the path to recovery after the traumatic asthma attack.

As one of England’s top Warzone personalities, Jukeyz is not only a top streamer, with hundreds tuning in daily, but a formidable competitor too, ranking among the scene’s highest earners. His success even landed him a spot with the London Royal Ravens, the region’s Call of Duty League franchise.

Just weeks prior to the emergency, Jukeyz also became a father as he and his partner Emily welcomed Elijah to the world.

Thankfully, with the help of medical experts, it seems just a matter of time until Jukeyz is properly back on his feet and out of the hospital. Fingers crossed, we might just see him online when Modern Warfare 2 goes live on October 28.