Warzone 2 pro reveals major reason players are jumping ship to MW2 Ranked

Tyler 'TeeP' Polchow discussing WarzoneYouTube: H3CZ

Warzone 2 pro and former Call of Duty World Champion TeeP shared his thoughts on why he and other streamers should play Modern Warfare 2 Ranked over the battle royale.

TeeP has made a home in both Call of Duty’s competitive side and the battle royale scene throughout his career.

While he’s primarily been focused on Warzone since the first game arrived in 2020, his streams have now transitioned primarily into being Modern Warfare 2 Ranked sessions since the launch of Season 2.

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When asked by a viewer if he’s tired of crushing lobbies of amateur players over and over again, TeeP didn’t hold back when explaining why he’s been grinding multiplayer.

TeeP reveals why he’s sticking with MW2 over Warzone 2

It’s no secret that Polchow has issues with the state of Warzone 2 and that frustration is the primary factor behind his decision. He doesn’t believe that the Ranked system is perfect either, but it still provides a level of satisfaction that he feels is missing from WZ.

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“It’s either that or play a really non-optimized competitive game with terrible people…Would I rather be bored getting shot in my side by some rat with [Dead Silence], or would I rather win the majority of my games and cruise up in the rankings?” he said.

This is a problem that many players hope will be solved when Warzone 2’s Ranked playlist drops in Season 3, but many players have warned that balancing issues could quickly bog the mode down.

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As for Modern Warfare 2, the first Ranked season comes to a close alongside Season 2, and TeeP’s effort to make it onto the Top 250 leaderboard will at least be acknowledged through the end-of-season rewards.

There’s still time for Warzone 2 to get it right, but for the time being, TeeP and many other streamers are sticking by their choice to shake things up.