JGOD claims Warzone 2 “failed” but explains how it could be saved

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Warzone 2 expert JGOD expressed his concerns over the game’s current state but is optimistic that the developers can still turn things around.

The Season 2 update reinvigorated excitement for Warzone 2 but arguably swung the tides more for Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. CharlieINTEL reported Modern Warfare 2 viewership surpassed Warzone 2 following the launch of Ranked Play.

JGOD polled fans on social media for WZ2’s pros and cons and explained where the battle royale sequel went wrong.

JGOD blasts the current state of Warzone 2

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Warzone 2 expert JGOD weighed the game’s pros and cons and gave his opinion on the current state of affairs.

“Realistically, I don’t think the game will be in a position where it is super fun and amazing daily for long periods of time, probably until Season 4 at the latest, or possibly season 3.”

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JGOD said he only plays Warzone 2 for about 45 minutes daily. He believes the game is performing far below expectations and doesn’t believe it’s a battle royale genre issue. The YouTuber pointed to the recent success of Apex Legends and Fortnite.

“When you play Warzone 2, it does not play, feel, or function in any way recognizable as a Call of Duty. It feels like a battle royale game that happens to be a Call of Duty game.”

JGOD began by listing out the pros of his experience playing WZ2. He mentioned both maps, proximity chat, buy station weapons, graphics, swimming, faster plating, console FOV, Gulag, and gunplay as pros.

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As for cons, he attributed a stale meta and lack of updates to hampering enjoyment. Players mostly used the RPK and Fennec for about four months, and JGOD doesn’t understand why it takes so long to nerf and buff weapons.

He believes a majority of WZ2’s problems come down to slower gameplay, including decreased walking, sprint, menu, and zone speed. JGOD believes these issues slow down matches and bog down the experience.

“I think that is the critical portion. That alone would solve about 90% of the issues because that is what you experience second to second.”

Lastly, JGOD argued that one-shot sniping should be a gameplay feature only “if it’s a high-skill thing to use a sniper.”

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The YouTuber is discouraged by WZ2’s shortcomings but is optimistic that most issues will be resolved in either Season 3 or 4.