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CoD streamer gets impossible nuke on 10v10 Shipment in Modern Warfare

Published: 3/Apr/2021 14:29

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty streamer Numbster managed to do the impossible, picking up a nuke on 10v10 Shipment to the surprise of everyone watching and in-game. 

As anyone who has played on Shipment before will know, picking up any sort of streak can be difficult. The map is hectic and the spawns are so crazy that by the time you’ve taken down a few enemies, two or three are spawning behind you.

It’s not impossible to go on an insane streak, but getting a tactical nuke and ending the game? Well, that’s nigh on impossible, even for the best of the best.


However, CoD streamer and YouTuber Numbster managed to achieve that incredible feat to the surprise of everyone watching and those who were in his game.

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Shipment has always been a popular pick for those looking to level up.

The CoD content creator, who still plays games on Modern Warfare multiplayer, dove into the game and it was evident from the get-go that he was going to do something crazy.

With the help of his Bizon, and some stims, Numbster managed to rattle off a pretty sick streak of eliminations before he realized that he wasn’t too far away from a nuke.

He didn’t let up, though, and start sitting in corners. He ramped things up, grabbed a few final calls, and called for the end of the game after just over a minute. “I got a nuke on 10v10! I just got a nuke on 10v10,” the streamer said to his chat with a shocked look on his face.


I nuked 10v10 Shipment. from modernwarfare

As soon as he called the nuke in, he was eliminated, so talk about some good timing.

Numbster was in complete disbelief that he’d managed to pull it off, as were his enemies as some called out that they’d never been nuke’d before. Though, one did try and suggest that the content creator was cheating.

He’s got a history of pulling off quick nukes, but getting one on Shipment in a 10v10 game is just a ridiculous feat.