NICKMERCS reveals “OP” Warzone weapon no one is using

Nickmercs and a Warzone player laying downYouTube: NICKMERCS/Activision

Streaming star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff believes that Warzone’s Groza is “OP” when used the right way, and it could be on its way to becoming part of the meta. 

The meta in Warzone has been in flux since day one. First off, you were behind the pack if you didn’t use a thermal scope, then a DMR, and now you’ll struggle if you don’t use the FFAR.

Most players quickly conform to the meta, given they want wins, but there are plenty out there who are rocking different weapons like shotguns and different LMGs.

Black Ops Cold War’s Groza has been getting a little bit of love recently, with some streamers picking it up. In fact, NICKMERCS believes it’s even overpowered in some situations, and not far off matching the FFAR.

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MAC 10 Groza in Black Ops Cold War Season 1Treyarch
The Groza is a fine addition to the impressive arsenal of weapons in Black Ops Cold War.

In his April 3 video, the FaZe Clan star gave his thoughts on the assault rifle after using it for a bit in Verdansk, suggesting that it’s better than the MAC-10 which is still used quite often.

“People swear by it, and honestly, it’s really not a bad gun. It’s pretty damn OP if you use it the right way,” Nick said, noting that even still, if you’re not using the FFAR, you’re probably not going to pick up wins.

“I do think you can get away with using the Groza a little bit. In my opinion, it’s better than the MAC-10, it definitely replaces every other SMG,” he continued. “It shoots really fast, it kills really fast, it has high damage at close range. It’s got a big magazine. It’s not better than the FFAR, but it’s almost there.”

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Timestamp of 0:25

As Nick notes, it’d take a pretty decent nerf to knock the FFAR off it’s perch, but given all the complaints about it, changes could come down the line.

Whether or not the Groza will be the gun to replace it though, remains to be seen. Currently, the Groza has a 0.59 pick rate according to stats from WZRanked, so it is quite underused.

Though if Nick is a fan, that means others will become fans as well.