Warzone players want huge batch of weapons removed to instantly improve the game

warzone operator firing lmgActivision

Warzone Pacific has benefitted massively from the recent Season 4 changes and players think that CoD is one step away from being a truly great battle royale experience right now.

Lately, Warzone has had a lot more positivity than negativity with the new Fortune’s Keep map being well-liked for adding some variety. Even though players have managed to find their way under the map and lag issues have hampered games a bit, Warzone is in a good spot right now.

But as with most things, there’s always room for improvement, and Warzone players feel that if Raven Software made a big decision regarding the game’s choice of weapons and Operators, then the game could become “great.”

overhead view of fortune's keep map in cod warzoneActivision
Fortune’s Keep has done wonders for Warzone since the map launched.

Warzone needs to distance itself from Vanguard and Cold War

In an interesting Reddit post, one user claimed that: “If Raven deleted all CW and VG weapons and operators right now – I think Warzone would be in a great place.”

In essence, the user believes that Warzone Pacific needs to sever its ties with Black Ops Cold War and Vanguard and go back to the guns and Operators it had before either of the integrations.

They explained that: “Weapons with actual recoil, Roze is much brighter, balanced weapons. Great sounding and looking weapons. That would have been the ultimate holdover for MW2 and Warzone 2.” It’s a topical argument with a new Roze skin on the loose and more information about MW2 being discovered all the time.

It might be a yearning for nostalgia, but it’s definitely safe to say that having over 100 guns and as many Operators has possibly given players a bit too much to handle.

Although, the sentiment wasn’t shared by everyone though, with someone saying: “I swear people romanticize the MW era of Warzone, but there was plenty of broken sh*t during that time as well,” and another commenter adding: “Grau, Bruen, Snakeshots, Fire Breath R9?! Lol. I mean Kilo/Mp5 was probably my favorite meta, but neither of those had any recoil at all.”

It’s hard to imagine implementing such a drastic change when players have skins and other cosmetics tied to these guns, but it’ll be interesting to see how this is handled for Warzone 2 and subsequent Call of Duty games.