Strange Warzone pre-game lobby bug is completely ruining matches

Alec Mullins
Warzone bug

Warzone is no stranger to strange bugs, but this one is taking over players’ games in the pre-game lobby and makes entire matches unplayable unless they go out of their way to fix it. 

From getting stuck inside of walls in the new Fortune’s Keep map or the persistent ‘spawn in the gas’ issue that has long haunted Warzone, there are plenty of ways to end up having an odd-experience in the game right now.

This new bug might take the cake for the weirdest thing that’s causing big issues though since it technically starts in the warmup lobby and makes players put in quite the effort to fix it.

Warzone’s out-of-bounds pre-game bug frustrates players

warzone out of bounds secret spot trick
If you don’t want to end up with this on your screen for an entire match, it’s best to color inside the lines so to speak.

The bug occurs when a player wanders out of bounds in the warmup area before a match.

If the countdown timer reaches zero and players are loaded into the sky while someone is in the outer edges, that player will drop into Caldera with the “Return to Comba Area” warning indefinitely fixed to their screen.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the accompanying sound will also stick around, making it nearly impossible to hear approaching enemies as well.

Players have reported multiple ways to fix this, but they may not always work on the first try.

One commenter suggested that simply traveling out of bounds the full map and then returning to the battlefield will fix it, and another added that taking fall damage will also zap things back into order.

If neither of those things do the trick then it might be time to take a trip back to the menu and save the headache of dealing with the broken visuals and audio.