Fortune’s Keep out-of-map glitch is giving Warzone cheaters free kills

fortunes keep poi in cod warzoneActivision

Warzone’s Fortune’s Keep map is the newest hotbed for chaotic Call of Duty combat, but despite all the praise it has received so far, the map is being spoilt by exploiters who are picking up free and easy kills.

Aside from age-old lag issues in Warzone Season 4, the new content drop has been viewed positively with many of the community lapping up the new guns, changes, and the arrival of Fortune’s Keep — a new, smaller map like Rebirth Island.

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However, the update hasn’t been a completely smooth ride with the aforementioned lag issues returning and concerns over cheating in Warzone Pacific. One of the main concerns has been aimed at the ability to get out of the map to easily kill enemies, with Caldera recently suffering from the same issue.

overhead view of fortunes keep map in cod warzoneActivision
Fortune’s Keep has enjoyed a good reception in CoD Warzone Season 4.

Warzone Fortune’s Keep map exploits frustrating players

With so many variables to control at once when a new map launches, there can always be the occasional hiccup that disrupts games of Warzone. One of the main issues that can occur in the game is the ability to seep through the cracks of the map and get underneath it / in it.

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Fortune’s Keep is a solid map, but as shown by one Reddit user, it’s not completely foolproof just yet.

WorkerLegitimate8223 and their squad were shot at in a game of Fortune’s Keep and couldn’t figure out for the life of them where the bullets were coming from. After one barrage of fire, a second wave ensued, and it wiped out the squad.

The replay showed two players tucked away within the map itself, invisible to the naked eye.

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The response to the exploiters was understandably one of displeasure and condemnation for their actions: “How is this fun for people? Just toxic trolls…the only game they’ll get more than 2 kills in their life,” said one angry Redditor.

The glitchy spot will inevitably be fixed by Raven Software and it shouldn’t be too long until players can breathe a sigh of relief.

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