Warzone players think they’ve spotted a submarine hidden under the Dam

Infinity Ward

The fourth Season of Modern Warfare has shaken up Warzone with all-new content. As the in-game story unfolds, players believe they’ve spotted the biggest easter egg yet with a potential submarine sighting underneath the Dam.

Warzone has been drastically altered in the latest season update with new items and new in-game events. The battle royale has plenty to keep players occupied with, though teasers of future changes are still appearing around the map.

Not only is an enormous nuclear missile hidden away in one of the game’s bunkers, but now players are reporting submarines under Verdansk. Is this latest easter egg teasing a huge development, or has the community got the wrong idea? Let’s break down all the evidence.

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Submarines appearing under the Dam in Warzone?

Could submarines be lurking underneath the Dam in Warzone?

Many players believe that they’ve spotted something moving underneath the Dam. The frozen lake is inaccessible no matter how hard you try to break the ice, but hovering over the area seems to show something huge moving under the surface.

This dark texture moves from one side of the lake to the other, giving the community the idea that it could be a submarine. Why would there be a sub under the map? There’s no quite telling, though it could all play into the ongoing story as numerous CoD icons join the fight against Victor Zahkaev.

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Are we actually looking at submarines?

It didn’t take long for the community to pick the potential easter egg apart, dissecting what this mystery could actually be. Popular Warzone leak account, ‘ModernWarzone’ quickly dispelled the submarine theories, highlighting that the dark texture is merely a shadow.

As clouds appear over Verdansk, they leave a shadow on the map below. These shadows appear across the map, not just at the Dam alone. Additionally, “they cover the rocks and other objects above the ice,” putting an end to the idea of a submarine moving under the map.

“[The shadows] have very blocky and pixelated edges,” they said. These unpolished visuals wouldn’t be ideal if the devs were indeed teasing something new under Verdansk. While an appearance at the Dam could have been plausible, there are “hundreds” of these sub-esque shadows all over the ocean.

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Fans may have to direct their investigations back towards the nuclear bunkers for the time being. It’s here that Infinity Ward has been hinting at the future of the battle royale. Potentially even alluding to an all-new map coming soon.

Season 4 of Warzone only just began on June 11. Here’s a full rundown on all the new additions to get you up to speed.