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Warzone players suggest changes for “BS” stun grenades giving free kills

Published: 8/Aug/2021 10:58

by Joe Craven


Warzone players are calling on Raven to nerf stun grenades, with many claiming they do not have sufficient counters and almost always result in death. 

Balancing is crucial to any multiplayer game, offering players a diverse pool of weapons, equipment, and perks to suit any playstyle.

Warzone’s Season Five update, like any major patch, will bring a number of changes to the battle royale. However, stuns have thus far been omitted from the patch notes, much to the disappointment of players.

There have long been debates about their relative power in Warzone, with many suggesting they are too strong and can decide gunfights too easily.


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Activision / Treyarch
Stun grenades have been a big point of contention.

A Reddit post from u/MadDog_8762 summarized a number of players’ grievances, calling for a counter to be added and stating that they render the stunned player powerless.

“Stuns should NOT be such a fight-determinate,” they said. “Honestly, Stuns are MORE powerful than a Semtex, as at least a Semtex you have to be precise to STICK it to guarantee a down with it. Stuns, simply throw them in the same area code, and you have a free kill on someone.”

Other players echoed the fan’s comments, with one saying: “Stuns are complete BS. The range of them is insane, they render someone useless for 5+ seconds, and you can hold two.”


However, a number of PC players suggested that aim assist is a counter in itself, and that mouse and keyboard players struggle more given their lack of it. Others also pointed to the strength of Heartbeat Sensors, and suggested that Stuns need to be powerful to match other equipment options.

It’s certainly a fine line for the devs to walk. Stuns need to feel worthwhile, but stunned players also need a chance of survival after being affected.

We all remember the nightmare of trying to overcome Ajax’s 9-Bang in Black Ops 4, when your character would randomly throw their hands to their face despite already being blinded. At least Warzone’s stuns aren’t as bad as that.