Warzone cheaters hit with mass ban wave after Season 2 Reloaded anti-cheat changes

Connor Bennett
warzone player on urzikstan with red box wallhacks

Over 25,000 Warzone cheaters have been banned with the start of Season 2 Reloaded as the devs have implemented a host of new anti-cheat changes. 

Cheating has always reared its head in Call of Duty, but it has become way more common over the last few years – especially with the introduction of Warzone. Everything from wall hacks, god mode, and beyond have cropped up time and time again. 

To counteract that, the devs introduced the Ricochet anti-cheat system, which has already shut down thousands of cheaters over the last few years. However, there have been complaints from players, claiming hackers can still get around it pretty regularly

The devs have still been rolling out updates to the anti-cheat and have continued to ban cheaters in massive waves – and that includes the start of Season 2 Reloaded as well. 

CoD devs ban thousands of Warzone players in Season 2 Reloaded

On the back of the new update, which went live on March 6, the devs have banned over 26,000 accounts and added a host of new measures to combat different hacks. 

“#TeamRICOCHET Update: Our team has seen and share your frustrations about a rise in cheating reports. We remain focused on this fight,” the devs posted. 

“With the launch of Season 2 Reloaded we’ve deployed several aggressive upgrades, including: Fixes to combat flying vehicles with more on the way, New Mitigation: BOOM – vehicles that shouldn’t be airborne (or too airborne) may randomly explode, Enhanced protections and increased response times for kernel-level driver (PC), Speed optimizations for detections in Ranked Play, Third-party hardware device detection upgraded, and Over 26,000 bans today”

They also added that they are continuing to development further changes, and these will come in “further updates.”

So, if you drop into the battle royale soon and start seeing vehicles combusting out the sky, you know you were around a cheater and they’ve been dealt with.