Warzone hackers now have full-auto rocket launchers and there’s nothing you can do

John Esposito
Warzone players pushing another squad in Ranked Play.

Warzone hackers have gotten their hands on unreleased attachments with “rocket bullets” in the latest enigma plaguing the battle royale.

Like many modern live service titles, Warzone is no stranger to cheaters or hackers. Yet, wild phenomena such as flying vehicles and disappearing helicopters have left players utterly speechless and frustrated with RICOCHET, the in-game anti-cheat system.

The hackers have seemingly taken another leap forward, as Warzone is now populated by players using an unreleased attachment that shoots explosive rounds. Shared to the Warzone subreddit, one player was left helpless as a hacker peppered them with explosive rounds akin to the firepower of a Mortar Strike.

In the second portion of the clip, the player picked up the MORS sniper rifle with an unreleased camo that also had explosive rounds similar to the Pack-A-Punched version of the sniper.

A person in the replies to the above clip identified the weapon, claiming it’s from the yet-to-be-released MW3 Arcade mode. As the name implies, this mode will introduce wacky powerups such as explosive rounds to the MORS and the Riveter shotgun.

However, the player who posted the clip also mentioned that they’ve seen explosive rounds with other weapons.

“Had a guy with an AR 60 round clapping me and my teammates’ cheeks,” they shared.

In all fairness, the “hacker” in the first clip replied to the above post, stating their teammate was a hacker, and sharing an apology.

“Hello, that’s me. I’m so sorry for killing you. I’m not a cheater, I play on Xbox. However, I was queued up with a teammate who was a hacker and in fact, pinged me those guns! Sorry, I used it against you,” they said.

This incident joins the large list of frustrations Warzone players have with Richocet.