“Most broken” weapon in Warzone is ridiculously easy to farm kills with

An image of Call of Duty Warzone.Activision

Warzone players are in a state of awe as a devastating gunsmith Double Barrel Shotgun creation is obliterating enemies with ease. 

Raven Software has introduced some brutal weapons in Warzone before, but they are inevitably met a much-needed nerf. However, some players have managed to evade patches by creating insanely powerful gunsmith creations.

Now, Warzone players are shocked by the death-dealing power of this pulverizing Double Barrel Shotgun build.

An image of Rebirth Island in Warzone.Activision
Despite the introduction of the Pacific-themed map Caldera, players are still dropping into Rebirth Island.

Warzone’s Double Barrel Shotgun destroys with ease

The meta in Warzone changes with each season, but some weapons manage to stay useful within every loadout. The Double Barrel Shotgun, from Vanguard, has only just started to make its way into the spotlight, but this specific version by Reddit user u/LordTexugo is extremely formidable.

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To create this monstrous build, its creator shared the details needed to re-create it perfectly: “Full choke, sawed-off, removed stock, incendiary, akimbo, fully loaded, fabric grip.”

Dubbed the “most broken weapon” in the game by u/LordTexugo, fellow Warzone players can’t comprehend its power. “Guess I know what I’m leveling up tonight,” writes one player.

“I don’t even play this game and this looks disgustingly broken,” comments another, floored by the potential of the shotguns.

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As these weapons can cause a surge in unbalanced matches, some players aren’t as impressed: “This shows no talent at all, but I don’t know, good for you for taking advantage of it I guess.”

“They were insane for having dual pistols but now shotguns? There’s no way that sat in the office and thought this was a good idea,” said another player, dumbfounded by the developer’s decision to let this kind of playstyle slide.

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To acquire the parts needed for this blueprint, it will take some considerable grinding to meet the XP requirements but we hope we won’t run into any of these weapons along the way.

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