Warzone players pick Caldera over Verdansk in surprising poll results

verdansk and caldera mapsActivision

The expulsion of Verdansk from the Warzone universe still hurts for many long-time players, but perhaps not as much as it appears. In a public vote, Caldera has actually come out on top with the majority of players opting for Warzone Pacific’s tropical island.

Have we really seen the last of Verdansk, despite Activision and Raven Software saying so? We’re not 100% sure about that. Fortnite has brought back old POIs time and time again, most recently with Tilted Towers.

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Apex doesn’t want to deprive its fans of content they like so the game’s four maps are placed in a healthy rotation and are never permanently consigned to the Apex vault.

We’re now nearly four months removed from Verdansk and the inception of Caldera. A quick browse of Reddit, Twitter, Twitch, and many other platforms would suggest that Caldera isn’t universally liked, however, a vote says otherwise.

mines poi in calderaActivision
Do you actually prefer Caldera to Verdansk?

Caldera claims the real dub?

The early feeling towards Caldera’s trailers and footage was very positive. The early hands-on for streamers was a good indication that Caldera was set to fix many of the problems of its predecessor. But, the game’s first few weeks were quite disastrous as textures were a broken mess, the demon gun glitch returned, even morphing into a new form.

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As time went by and the games started to pile up, the consensus was that Caldera’s fights were very repetitive as the island is very open and isn’t crowded with buildings, apartment blocks, and skyscrapers like Verdansk was.

To cap things off, Raven Software’s hugely hyped RICOCHET anti-cheat launched, and it’s still failing to prevent the presence of hackers and cheaters.

An interesting poll was conducted by the popular Warzone Twitter page ModernWarzone, and it simply posed the question: “Which Warzone map is better?”

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In what is surely a surprise to many, Caldera actually took the vote by 51% to 49%.

Now, this isn’t an astronomical victory, but the fact is that it’s a majority victory for Caldera. If you extrapolate the data, there’s a very good chance the majority of Warzone players actually prefer Caldera over Verdansk.

Even if the vote across a million players was more like a 55% win for Verdansk for example, this still suggests that Caldera isn’t as bad it appears. If anything, it may not be the map itself that’s the problem, it’s the technical hiccups.

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