Warzone players demand RICOCHET changes with cheaters back in “every match”

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Warzone players have hit out at Activision and RICOCHET anti-cheat over the number of hackers in Warzone Pacific matches, with many saying there’s as many in Caldera as there were prior to Vanguard’s release. 

Warzone’s popularity and growth since its March 2020 release has been marred to some extent by the prominence of cheaters. Any Warzone player with a few matches under their belt will have undoubtedly encountered an enemy using wallhacks, aimbot or both.

For those reasons, the announcement and implementation of RICOCHET anti-cheat back in December was universally welcomed. However, it has not been the resounding success many hoped and recent reports suggest cheating is just as prevalent as it was prior to the anti-cheat’s launch.

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Warzone Pacific brought with it RICOCHET anti-cheat.

One player – u/Htowng8r – said that the number of cheaters they’ve been encountering appeared to be back to their pre-Vanguard levels.

They commented: “Rebirth is infested again almost every other match has one “rage” hackers (i.e. instant target switching kill everyone on the screen) and every match has someone else walling or aimlocking (not blatant crazy target switching).

“It was this bad right before VG launched and Ricochet went live a month later. Now maybe a month after Ricochet it’s back to being insane — every match has someone cheating. Rebirth is just the easy example, but Caldera definitely has quite a few judging from streamers who run into them every single match.”

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Other posts echoed similar sentiments, with Redditor Character-Brief-2194 saying that half their matches had noticeable cheaters in them.

They said: “I don’t want to hear the fanboys with the “just cause you lost a gunfight doesn’t mean they hack”. I had 3 games almost back to back with people with names like “youhackingbro” just dropping piles of kills …walls and aimbot…straight rage hacking. It’s getting pretty bad out there again.”

Plenty of other Warzone fans commented to say they had similar experiences. Here’s hoping RICOCHET and Activision can get a grip on the situation moving forwards.

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