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Fortnite fans are obsessed with Klombo dinosaurs after Tilted Towers update

Published: 19/Jan/2022 21:39

by Alec Mullins


Fortnite fans can’t get enough of the new Klombo dinosaur creatures that debuted in the Tilted Towers update and they’re letting the whole world know just how much they love them.

While the v19.10 update was initially being hyped up as the return of Tilted Towers, it didn’t take long for the classic location to be overshadowed by another new feature.

Built to be a towering creature compared to players, Klombos are winning over the hearts of Fortnite fans all over the internet simply by roaming around the world and giving players free loot when they get fed.


Fortnite players obsess over Klombo dinosaurs after the return of Tilted Towers

A screenshot of a Klombo in Fortnite Chapter 3
Epic Games
Klombos are absolutely gigantic when compared to the humanoids of Fortnite.

The gigantic, spiky quadrupeds have pretty much taken over the Fortnite conversation, with players coming out in droves to share their appreciation for these new scaly friends.

These kinds of posts have overwhelmed all of the Fortnite social pages. A particularly passionate fan even ranked the new creatures against their relatives and came out with an unexpected result: “I love Klombos more than I love my own family.”

Another commenter suggested that the return of a classic POI and the addition of these “loveable dragon things” secure the January 18 patch as an “all-time great update” in Fortnite’s history.

This message has spread so fast that even the official Twitter account jumped in on the action: “We’ve only had Klombos for a day, but if anything happened to them, we would eliminate all of Tilted.”


Some players have taken that post to be an ill-omen though, going as far as to suggest that Tilted’s placement in the center of the Volcano on the map all but guarantees that the Klombos will be meeting an unfortunate end.

Whether or not that comes to reality remains to be seen but the community definitely looks ready to go to war to protect these dinos.