Warzone player finds OP wallhacks method that’s completely legal

warzone operator aiming and shooting at playersActivision

A Warzone player has found a cunning method to fully utilize free and legal wallhacks to take advantage of helpless opponents in Pacific’s Caldera and Rebirth Island maps.

Wallhack was once a term used to denote cheating or glitching in a game that enabled players to illegally see other players through walls. This naturally led to easy kills and a sense of unfairness for the victims of them. Now, the term is far more generalized and can apply to a meta in which special items and abilities grant the same benefits without bans or repercussions.

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Apex Legends has used this with some of its legends, and Warzone has experienced it in the past when a weird glitch struck the game.

Now, an interesting loadout and setup have been shared that grant a lot of the same benefits.

warzone grauActivision
The Grau is one of Warzone’s most popular-ever weapons.

Call of Duty: Wallhack Warfare

On Warzone’s Reddit page, one played posted: “The combination of Restock Snapshots + Combat Scout + FMJ always seemed really OP to me

User jamcowl proceeded to demonstrate this by showing some clips of their Warzone gameplay using the deadly combination of items. The setup proved to be extremely effective when it came to close-knit games in tight spaces crowded by buildings.

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The Snapshot Grenade would light up the enemy for a few seconds revealing their position to the player through surfaces. If Cold-Blooded wasn’t equipped, then Combat Scout would ensure the player was being marked for a few seconds, and FMJ bullets provide a great deal of extra Stopping Power to penetrate hard surfaces.

Enemy players that were pinged by the Snapshot simply didn’t stand a chance and were pretty much dead before they had a chance to figure out where they were being shot from.

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The gun being used was the Grau, which not every player will have access to. However, if you do, then this loadout could be something well worth trying out to secure some more dubs in Caldera or Rebirth.

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