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Warzone’s demon gun glitch evolves to create haunted houses

Published: 9/Jan/2022 3:24 Updated: 9/Jan/2022 3:15

by Brad Norton


Warzone’s infamous demon gun glitch has returned to the Call of Duty battle royale in Season 1, and it’s stronger than ever. The bug is taking over entire buildings, glitching them out and turning structures into haunted houses.

After jumping from Verdansk to Caldera, many thought Warzone’s controversial texture issues would be left in the past. Just hours into the new era, however, and the demon gun glitch made an emphatic return.

Originally, the terrifying glitch only applied to weapon models. It’s only grown stronger over time though, as we’ve already seen Operators themselves morphing into unkillable demons.


Despite the first Warzone update of 2022 just arriving, things are now worse than ever. The glitch has evolved once again as now, players have spotted entire demon houses on the Pacific map.

“You’ve seen demon guns… I present to you the demon house,” Reddit user ‘BigTex’ shared in a January 8 post. Minding their own business in a solo lobby, this player stumbled upon the biggest demon bug yet.

A house in the Caldera Capital City POI was glitching in a similar way to the common texture issue. Bizarre black spikes forced themselves through the ground, into the house, and out through the ceiling.


With almost every step the position and size of these shapes came to life. Shifting and turning like a real “monster house,” the player stood shocked for a few seconds before heading inside.

Certain textures disappeared momentarily as the player dared to get close. But others persisted through windows, walls, and everything in between.

Demon gun glitch in Warzone.
The demon gun glitch has been an issue since August, 2021.

There’s no telling exactly what led to this demon bug evolution. There may have been a glitched weapon texture inside that simply latched onto the house. However, it could be the first sign of a new game-breaking issue in Warzone.

It appears to be a rare case for the time being, so there’s a chance you may never see this particular issue in your own game. But it’s worth being vigilant as a haunted house could just be the cause of your next loss.