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Most wholesome Warzone clip ever? Entire lobby celebrates hero who killed hacker

Published: 4/Jul/2021 23:00

by Theo Salaun


The worst thing in Call of Duty: Warzone isn’t getting killed — it’s getting killed by a hacker. That’s why practically an entire lobby stayed behind to applaud a player who killed their game’s hacker in one of the most wholesome BR clips around.

You can learn a lot from dying in multiplayer titles. Maybe your opponent had a better angle or was more accurate with their shots, any lost fight can be an opportunity to learn and improve. But there’s usually no way to outplay a hacker and that’s why no death is as annoying than one to a cheater.


So it should be no surprise that after being killed by someone with illegal software, people stick behind to spectate and pray on their downfall. That was the case in one match of Warzone, where a hacker racked up 40-plus kills and 25 spectators hoping for them to somehow lose. And then they did, thanks to a mysterious stranger known only as… GoldenArm10.

In what’s become a viral clip on Reddit, a team shared their POV — from being killed by the hacker to the end of the game. And the results are top-tier camaraderie, as it turns out most of the rest of the lobby also stayed behind to watch and ultimately celebrate.


25 spectators congratulate the hero of the game for taking down a 46 kill hacker. Good gaming community moment! from CODWarzone

As you can see in the clip, posted by ‘rainisland90,’ the hacker isn’t exactly being subtle about their cheats, and easily racks up a ton of kills. After being killed, the team stays behind and hopes for revenge: “Come on bro, someone be the hero of the game.”

And like the Bat Signal getting lit, someone does heed the call: GoldenArm10. The player manages to kill the hacker and win the game and is immediately received with a flurry of congratulations in the end-game chat: “Good s**t, Golden” followed by variations of “let’s f**king go!”

Warzone aim-bot
Activision / exzachtt (Twitch)
It’s not uncommon for Warzone lobbies to be filled with multiple hackers.

And how does the heroic GoldenArm10 take these congratulations? The sudden hero stayed remarkably humble: “I got lucky … Sorry you guys got killed by a piece of s**t.”


While it would be easy to complain about the hacking situation in Warzone and rip on the hacker, this game’s positivity should be a lesson for all of us. Even hackers can bleed and we should gas up the heroes who defeat them.