Warzone players furious with “dumb” Season 5 map rotation

Ryan Lemay
warzone player throws hardscoping sniper

Warzone Season 5 added a new playlist rotation, and some players are furious over the treatment of a fan-favorite map.

During Warzone Season 4, Raven Software experimented with a map rotation system. Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island rotated in the season’s final week.

The Warzone developers must have liked the feedback because they are making it a permanent feature in Season 5. Apex Legends has a map rotation system, and its Season 14 pool polarized the community.

Unfortunately, the new playlist changes also had an inverse effect on Warzone players, and they are furious with the treatment of Rebirth Island.

Warzone players blast map rotation system

overhead view of fortune's keep map in cod warzone
Fortune’s Map has done wonders for Warzone since the map launched.

The first four weeks of Season 5 Warzone features a daily rotation from Mondays through Thursdays. On the weekends, there will be LTM additions.

Caldera and Fortune’s Keep will always have Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads available to play. Rebirth Island is part of a weekday rotation and will not always be available to play daily. The map will only be available on random days and weekends.

Rebirth Island is a fan-favorite map; this could be the last chance they have to play it before Warzone 2.

One Warzone player responded, “If you only like resurgence, you’ll have that 25% of the time on weekdays, and it’s random, so you won’t be able to plan what days you want to play.”

A second user added, “Activision and Raven are all about forcing things on the community that they don’t like.”

mockingly, a Reddit user argued, “We’ve heard you, and we’re not going to listen, so here is all the sh*t you don’t want!”

In the Season 5 blog, Raven Software said they “will monitor sentiment” regarding the changes made. Players can voice their opinions if they aren’t happy with the decision.

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