Apex Legends Season 14 map rotation is dividing players already

Ryan Lemay
Kings Canyon Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 14’s new map rotation has divided players on how long maps should be available.

Apex’s original map Kings Canyon received a massive overhaul in Season 14. Several areas of the divisive map received reworks, and Respawn added a new POI called Relic.

Unfortunately, the changes did not go over smoothly with the competitive community. Several pro players voiced concerns over Kings Canyon joining the Split 1 Ranked map rotation.

Kings Canyon’s inclusion universally upset the Apex community. However, the time between maps rotating has created a rift between players.

Kings Canyon Apex Legends
Season 14 of Apex Legends made massive changes to Kings Canyon.

Apex Season 14 map rotation divides players.

An Apex player created a Reddit thread, stating, “why do we only get three days of Kings Canyon, and for Storm Point in Season 13, we had an entire week.”

Season 13 excluded Kings Canyon from the map rotation in favor of World’s Edge and Storm point in Ranked play. Public lobbies also nixed Kings Canton from the mix. Storm Point was the only map available in public matches for the first week of Season 13.

One user responded, “probably because everyone hated being stuck on one map for a week.” The comment received over 1,000 upvotes and several comments agreeing.

Another user added, “Being on Stormpoint for a week did get old, but I learned the map quite well because of it. Part of me was hoping for the same with kings Canton.”

A third player summarized the thread by saying, “if they gave you only Kings Canton for a week, everyone would complain as well.”

Apex players are not on the same page for what they want from the map rotation and the Season 14 update didn’t help alleviate the issue.

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