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Warzone players demand melee nerf as punches are stronger than guns

Published: 5/Dec/2020 11:22

by Connor Bennett


Some Call of Duty Warzone players are desperate for the developers to make to the power of melee strikes after some interesting clips have surfaced.

Even though plenty of Call of Duty fans have flocked to Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer modes, plenty of others are still dropping into Verdansk and trying to pick up wins in Warzone before their move to Cold War happens. 

While there is a lull in new Warzone content, given that Season 1 in Cold War won’t start until December 16, players are still running into issues – be it with unusual bugs, perceived balancing problems, and hackers. 


Plenty of the nagging glitches and weapon balancing issues should be ironed out once Warzone switches over to Cold War, though, some players are hoping that melee strikes also get a bit of a nerf as they’ve become incredibly powerful. 

warzone characters running with weapons
Infinity Ward
Warzone is set to move over to Black Ops Cold War at the start of Season 1.

Reddit user MichielbutsayMichael showcased a clip from one of their recent trips into Verdansk where, during the early part of the game, it seemed like they were destined to pick up a pretty easy kill. 

The Redditor chased an enemy, who only had a pistol, into a house with a KILO in-hand, ready to blast them away when they had a shot lined up. Though, when they finally did start spraying into their opponent, the tables were immediately flipped. 


With two pistol whips, MichielbutsayMichael was left heading to the Gulag even though they’d managed to put nearly a full magazine into their enemy’s chest. What made it even more annoying was that, upon watching the replay, it was clear that the enemy was barely still standing. 

Dear devs look at this video and ask yourself, is the melee part balanced? from CODWarzone

Plenty of players chimed in, voicing their own frustrations about the powerful melee strikes. “Not to mention Khali sticks randomly one hitting even though [you] have full armor and health. Melee is stupid,” said HungLikeALemur. “The lunge is ridiculous in this game, it’s like a f**king Halo energy sword lunge at this point,” added Eviscerate-You.


Another player, core433, suggested that the devs could, in a coming patch, make a change where for every bullet you are hit with, your melee power goes down. So, you’d still be strong in early game fights, but suffer if you tried after a few ticks of damage. 

Ultimately, a change like that is something for the devs to consider, and they’ll have plenty of buffs and nerfs in-store for Season 1. 

For now, though, players will just have to do their best to avoid taking melee strikes in-game because it’s like being hit by a prime Mike Tyson.