Warzone players demand devs fix “game-breaking” Gas Mask issue

Philip Trahan
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Call of Duty Warzone players have demanded changes to the “game-breaking” Gas Mask animation, as some feel it’s a hindrance in gunfights.

One of the elements that separates Call of Duty Warzone from other battle royales is how it handles ‘ring’ or ‘storm’ damage.

In Warzone, players can find and equip Gas Masks to help mitigate the encroaching toxic gas meant to weed out and push players together.

Some players find the item less helpful than intended, leading fans to demand the development team fix the current “game-breaking” issues with Gas Masks.

Warzone players demand Gas Mask animation fix

Warzone gameplay
Going into the toxic gas with a Gas Mask in one’s inventory makes an animation play automatically, which many players find frustrating.

A post on the Call of Duty Warzone subreddit caused some discussion after one fan posted a video clip of what they called a “game-breaking” issue with Gas Masks.

The video shows the player trying to find cover after encountering an opponent.

As the closest cover was in the toxic gas, the player runs into the gas behind a wall to get the drop on their opponent.

Unfortunately, the Gas Mask animation begins right as they leap out of cover, rendering them a sitting duck as the enemy to quickly eliminates them from the game.

The post caused a bit of heated discourse among players, with some simply blaming the player for making a bad play.

“Why didn’t you stay out of sight when you hit the gas? You had a mask, you had no reason to challenge that dude,” said ATX_native.

Other players agreed with the original post and suggested ways for the dev team to fix this common issue.

“It should be a toggle. If I could toggle it on and off that would be ideal for saving it depending on the circumstance,” said one user.

Early reports for Warzone Season 5 even speculate that Raven Software may add the ability to toggle Gas Masks on or off to avoid frustrating situations like this one.

Though the Gas Mask’s animation may be annoying to deal with, it seems Warzone players may not have to put up with it for too much longer.

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