Warzone bug is spawning players in the gas with no chance of survival

Infinity Ward

A frustrating Warzone bug is leaving players without a chance to fend for themselves as Gulag winners are being thrown straight back into the toxic gas.

Infinity Ward’s battle royale has captured the attention of over 15 million players in its first week. While the fresh release is certainly popular, the 150-player mode has come with its fair share of amusing, devastating, and sometimes frustrating issues.

The Gulag has been host to a number of clever tricks and strategies, however, a new bug is leaving players frustrated after winning their 1v1.

Infinity Ward
Players have already discovered a number of clever tricks to help in the Gulag.

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Thrown straight back into a gunfight after being taken out during battle, the Gulag gives players a second chance to right their wrongs and get back in the fight. 

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Upon winning a 1v1, the victors are dropped back into the map overhead of nearby allies within the safe zone. At least, that’s how the feature is supposed to work.

Rather than redeploying to a safe space and allowing players the chance to land, and get back into the fight properly and try again with a new loadout, a new bug is respawning players in the midst of noxious gas, spelling certainly death.

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“I won my fight in the gulag, and then spawned in the gas, killing me pretty much instantly,” Reddit user ‘on-my-mobile’ explained as they shared a video in hopes of raising awareness of the toxic-drop issue.

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Their screen darkened after winning the 1v1, and their character could already be heard coughing well before the game transitioned back to the sprawling battlefield.

Opening their map before they regained control, the player realized their icon was in the red. As they finally shifted to a first-person perspective, they had already dropped to less than half health and was taken out of action by the poisonous gas soon after.

With barely enough time to adjust their direction and fly towards the safe zone, there was seemingly nothing the player could have done to avoid the frustrating situation, except watch as their hard-earned return faded away.

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Players avoiding the gas circle collapse in Warzone.Infinity Ward
Warzone’s gas can wipe players out in a matter of seconds.

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While the Warzone developers at Infinity Ward appear to have their work cut out for them as they try to address a number of significant issues, it seems as though this Gulag bug is not on the radar for the time being

In the meantime, if you end up in the Gulag and have to fend for yourself, try this surprising spray tactic to get the upper hand— after that, you’ll just have to pray the game doesn’t decide you’re set for another toxic death.