Warzone players demand changes to “trash” ground loot in Season Five

Jaret Kappelman

Warzone’s Season 5 is finally here and with it comes a ton of new content. This includes perks, POIs, and new weapons. However players are outraged over the ground loot changes that came with the latest update.

With the new season, the Warzone devs mixed up the ground loot. In previous seasons some of the ground weapons were really good. Players would dominate games and find Legendary weapons on the ground, which were good enough to get a couple kills to purchase a Loadout Drop.

However, now that a new season is here players are furious and want a change made to the ground loot, as they claim the devs “are intentionally trolling us.”

Player fighting in Warzone.
Warzone has many different weapons that can spawn on the floor when dropping into Verdansk.

Players fuming over Warzone Season 5 useless ground loot

With every major update there has been a change to the ground loot, and this season was no different. However, players are not happy that they are losing out on some extremely good equipment.

One Redditor puts it plain and simple, “Season 4 loot was phenomenal” the person goes on to say that this season’s ground loot  is “overall way worse than” the previous iteration.

Players are claiming that the drops this season are so useless, as TEC 9s, MG 82s, M60s and other “useless” weapons are dropping everywhere. The Warzone community is rallying together to get the attention of the devs. They want a change to be made right now.

Redditor ‘Genreal_Krig’ is part of the player base that is demanding the loot gets updated. This player is not happy with the pistols, shotguns, and sub-par SMGs that are available to them.

Another Redditor ‘WashedUpgamer69’ thinks that this change was made because the floor loot last season was just too overpowered. They said that last season’s loot was just as good as using a loadout, all that was needed were perks.

Warzone content creator JGOD did mention that the ground loot for the C58 and MAC10 were nearly identical to the “meta” builds. Making these weapons extremely viable to use until getting a loadout drop.

The loot tends to get updated at the start of the season and halfway through so players might need to be patient, and start getting used to using some “trash” guns when dropping into Verdansk.