Warzone players conflicted on how to adjust Throwing Knives

John Esposito
Warzone players conflicted on how to adjust Throwing Knives

Throwing Knives have been meta in Warzone for some time, and players are putting their heads together on how to rebalance them.

Since its release, Warzone‘s been through the vicious cycle of meta changes, as various weapons and techniques dominate the in-game battlefield. It’s mostly been weapons that have defined the meta, with the arrival of the MTZ Interceptor raining terror in Warzone.

However, there have been times when players lobbied for equipment changes, like when C4 reigned supreme once upon a time.

Underneath the everchanging weapon meta lies the Throwing Knife, a long-standing headache for Warzone players, with seemingly no balancing answer in sight.

Warzone players discuss Throwing Knife nerfs

The topic of debate comes from Warzone player revofx99, after they shared a clip to the game’s subreddit, of them making short work on an enemy squad with Throwing Knives. The title raises the question of whether or not the Throwing Knife should receive a nerf.

As it currently stands, the Throwing Knife will one-shot if it hits the head/neck area. However, anywhere else, it’ll do major damage but require two shots.

The problem Throwing Knives presents is a double-edged sword; it’s the only lethal that can fully down an enemy, but to do so, you have to perfectly hit your target. The growing debate of SBMM and aim assist don’t do any favors either, with players arguing these impact Throwing Knives.

This led to a debate in the replies with players trying to figure out a compromise for the lethal equipment. Most arguments boiled down to the lethals’ damage profile compared to lethals and weapons, with many hoping the one-shot potential gets adjusted since it feels inconsistent at times.

“Should only be a one-shot if it hits the head, upper chest is far too easy to hit for it to be a one-shot,” one player reflected, regarding the previous sentiment.

With Season 1 Reloaded right around the corner, there might be a chance changes come through.

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