Warzone player has “worst luck” after trickshot Throwing Knife death

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In a shocking turn of events, one Warzone player shares how unlucky they are, after a wild Throwing Knife takes them out.

Since their introduction in 2009’s MW2, Throwing Knives have been a gift to the CoD community, adding an extra layer to strategy and luck. Cross-map Throwing Knives, insane trick shots — you name it, and it’s probably been done in-game.

Fourteen years later, the Throwing Knife remains a CoD staple, although its usage heavily increased with the arrival of Warzone due to its high damage output and finishing prowess.

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Every once in a while, the Throwing Knife will turn back the clock and provide a neat trickshot reminiscent of the golden age of CoD, such as this otherwordly throw that left a Warzone player baffled.

Warzone player shares incredible Throwing Knife killcam

On a match of Fortune’s Keep, Warzone content creator Kapz was left completely stunned after a miracle Throwing Knife ended their run.

In the killcam, he watches his killer shoot a few enemies before falling off the side of a building. While falling, the player chucks up a Throwing Knife, which bounces on the roof of a build before perfectly landing on Kapz.

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“I literally have the worst luck in Warzone” Kapz captioned the video shared to Twitter/X.

Plenty of reactions flooded in, all sharing how they would’ve handled the situation. One player said: “I would send that guy a message and thank them for that. What else can I do after that nice throw??”

Another commented: “I would have shut my PC down after that,” while another replied: “I wouldn’t even be mad about that tbh.”

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Funnily enough, this led to another creator sharing their unfortunate OG Warzone story, as they suffered from an unlucky collateral shot.

Unfortunate or not, all the players involved in these clips have the story of a lifetime to share.

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