Furious Warzone players claim hit reg is worse than ever on Caldera

Caldera Warzone hit regTreyarch/Activision

Warzone players are claiming hit reg has got worse since the arrival of Caldera and that on-target shots are not always dealing damage.

The arrival of Warzone Pacific introduced a range of new additions to Raven Software’s battle royale, including the RICOCHET anti-cheat and of course, the Caldera map.

Despite a lot of these features being received positively by the community at first, the cracks have started to show over the last few weeks, with hackers taking over matches once again, and glitches affecting the overall gameplay experience.

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Now, players have even begun to notice problems with hit reg on Caldera, claiming that shots aimed directly at a target sometimes don’t deal any damage.

Warzone hit reg issuesActivision
Caldera replaced Verdansk with the Warzone Pacific update.

Hit reg issues are frustrating Warzone players on Caldera

In a competitive shooter like Warzone, hit registration has to be absolutely perfect or the ability to win a skirmish is no longer determined by gun skill.

This is a serious issue as it will leave players wondering why their shots aren’t dealing any damage, especially when they’re at point-blank range, or aiming in with a sniper.

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Well, according to hundreds of Warzone players, that’s exactly what’s happening on Caldera at the moment with Reddit user TheTrueAlCapwn starting a discussion on the topic within the community.

“Since Caldera, there have been countless incidents where I feel like I pump rounds into someone only for me to lose the gunfight… either no hit markers at all, even on close snipes to the body where there is basically no way it would miss.”

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Unfortunately, TheTrueAlCapwn isn’t the only Warzone player to have experienced these hit reg issues, with some saying it’s particularly bad within the Gulag during an intense 1v1.

“It happens in the gulag especially for me, I’ll start shooting a guy and he’s one bullet away from death, and then all of the sudden I’m dead from…a bullet.”

Despite acknowledging that there are a lot of problems plaguing Warzone at the moment, Raven hasn’t commented directly on hit reg, but it may be something they will need to look into in the near future.

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There’s nothing worse than missing a shot you thought landed on target, especially if it happens over and over again.