Warzone players furious as killstreak is “completely useless” after nerf

Connor Bennett
Warzone players fed up with bugged games after Season 1 Reloaded patchActivision

Call of Duty Warzone players are a bit split on one killstreak as some believe it has become “completely useless” after a recent nerf. 

Despite being separate from Call of Duty’s multiplayer mode, and even having it’s own specific buffs and nerfs for weapons, Warzone has incorporated plenty of classic CoD features in its own way. 

That includes killstreaks, but you don’t need three kills for a UAV, so to speak. The streaks are, instead, purchased from buy stations, found in loot crates, or picked up from an enemy when you’ve killed them off. 

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The devs have rarely tweaked the streaks, but were thrust into action recently to nerf the Precision Airstrike in Season 2. Instead of just an on-screen banner warning you that an airstrike was inbound to your area, you can now see the flight path of the bombers – as well as the blast zone. 

Warzone players annoyed by Precision Airstrike nerf

According to some players, that has made the killstreak “useless” and they’re annoyed by the change. “Is it just me or with the addition of showing the blast zone of precision airstrikes now, the kill streak has become pretty much useless in Warzone,” said one annoyed fan who got plenty to agree. 

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“I think there should only be the Audible callout though. IIRC, early Warzone had almost no warning, just an audible callout for an air strike, and I enjoyed that as it required good placement to get the kill,” another agreed

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“I don’t think they could the notifications right so instead they added this. Such bull lol,” another said. “I’m not finding PAs useful anymore. If people know exactly what the damage range is well in advance of the strike, they’ll always be able to get out of the way in time,” commented another. 

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Some players argued otherwise, however, claiming that the killstreak works best as a finishing move on downed players rather than trying to use it instead of a gun. 

“Get the down and the finish with the strike. I’m okay with that. Would rather have it like it is now than running a mile a way and still getting killed by it lol,” said one. “It’s objectively better now. PAs are way too common anyway. This balances that,” another added.

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It’s unlikely that the devs will make changes anytime soon, given the new notification was only added a short time ago, but it might be something to consider later down the line.

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