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Warzone players claim every lobby is filled with hackers again

Published: 8/Nov/2020 14:05

by Daniel Cleary


Call of Duty players are claiming that Warzone is full of hackers yet again, despite Activision’s latest efforts to target the popular third-party cheating sites.

Warzone has seen incredible success since it was introduced on March 10, attracting plenty of top personalities from other titles to start creating content around the new Call of Duty battle royale.

However, as with many online multiplayer titles, one of the biggest challenges facing Warzone is the number of cheaters that have been plaguing matches, which has even led to Activision taking legal action against some of the supplying sites.

warzone characters running with weapons
Infinity Ward
Warzone players are reporting an increase in cheaters.

Hackers back in droves in Warzone

After the Call of Duty publishers initially shut down some of the cheats that had been plaguing the game, there appeared to be a big drop-off in the number of hackers in Warzone lobbies.

Unfortunately, this did not last for too long, with many players now reporting that cheaters have returned in the latter half of Season 6 and are ruining lobbies for players yet again.

Over the last few days, there have been multiple posts on the Warzone subreddit, similar to the one from u/CivChris, claiming that there has been an increased number of cheaters in their lobby.

Warzone is unplayable again due to hackers from CODWarzone

“I can’t count the number of times in the last week where I’ve had a game ruined by a hacker,” they explained, suggesting that there were many different cheats being used, “A lot of the time it’s not even obvious hacking like aimbot, it’s red boxing.”

PS4 Warzone player u/rolandassassin added that he had encountered hackers in back-to-back games after enabling crossplay and claimed that the PC servers had become “aimbot heaven.”

How can people even play this on PC? Aimbot heaven instantly when i turn on crossplay from CODWarzone

While it is unclear what could be causing this apparent rise in cheaters, it was rumored that one of the well-known cheating sites has made a return after it was previously affected by a ban wave.

The Modern Warfare devs have issued multiple ban waves during the year and provided fans with updates on their progress, however, with the problem arising once again, players are calling for the issue to be addressed once again.

Call of Duty

First look at leaked Black Ops Cold War Season 1 maps & Operators

Published: 1/Dec/2020 23:56 Updated: 2/Dec/2020 0:13

by Brad Norton


Everything from new maps to incoming Operators and plenty more has all spilled out early, with new Black Ops Cold War leaks revealing a bunch of content coming with the Season 1 update.

We’re still a few days out from the arrival of Season 1, though new Black Ops Cold War leaks are coming through almost every day. From classic modes making a return, to unique in-game events on the horizon, we’ve already got a decent idea of what to expect.

However, things haven’t stopped there. The latest set of datamined content has uncovered our first-look at Season 1 maps, Operators, and more. While the names of incoming maps may have been revealed a while back, we now have a proper look at all four additions coming soon.

Additionally, there’s also a unique Season 1 Starter pack that comes boasting some exclusive rewards. Here’s a rundown on everything we now know thanks to the latest leaks.

First look at Black Ops Cold War Season 1 maps

Up first, we’ve got a quick look at four new locations coming in Season 1. They’re bite-sized pictures that simply reveal the theme of each new map. The first appears to be some kind of game show set as camera equipment and bright signs can be spotted throughout.

Next up looks to be a darker map, perhaps something underground or even a subway system given the briefcases nearby. It may have been an evacuation site. Only time will tell for this one.

The third map pictured seems to be a wide-open locale with some kind of rocket in the center. Maybe a testing facility or a fully-fledged launch site somewhere in the United States.

Last but not least, we have a simple map that looks to feature some amount of office space, shelving, and a patriotic statue of sorts. If earlier intel holds up, one of these new locations will be a fresh Zombies experience. The first appears to be confirmed for Gunfight only, meaning a close-quarters design for 2v2 combat. While the remaining two maps are for core multiplayer game modes.

It’s worth noting that not all of these are confirmed to be launching on day one. While the major update is set to introduce a ton of this new content, some of these maps could be drip-fed throughout the season to keep players coming back. 

First look at Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Operator Skins

What would a new Season in Call of Duty be without some fresh cosmetics? A few of your favorite Operators appear to be getting some new outfits in Season 1. First up is Woods with a new winter look, rocking some snow goggles, thick gloves, a beanie, and a coat.

Next is Sims who has a more casual look this time around. Rather than dressing the part for a mission, he’s wearing a simple top with some cool shades and a hat.

Last but not least is some love for the Warsaw Pact. Portnova has a new skin this Season with a vibrant red top and a matching beret.

Also part of the leaks is an entirely new skin that could be the level 100 unlock in the Season 1 Battle Pass.

This Operator comes equipped for battle with multiple grenades and ammunition pouches on his upper body. Not to mention an imposing mask to cover his presumably scarred face.

Another new Operator wears a gas mask, only has one eye, and could not be more intimidating in an all-black outfit. 

These come alongside a previously leaked Operator skin for Adler. There’s no way of telling how to unlock these items; some might be tied to the Battle Pass, while others could be acquired through challenges like their current variants.