Popular Warzone streamer caught in EngineOwning ban wave


Activision and Infinity Ward have sent out another wave of bans across the Warzone community, this time for a service called EngineOwning, and popular Twitch streamer Nick ‘Wagnificentt’ has been caught in the wave.

At this point, everyone knows that cheating and Warzone are a package deal. If you play on PC, you’re pretty much guaranteed to come across cheaters every few matches due to the lack of a solid anti-cheat system implemented in the game.

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While Activision deserves credit for cracking down on cheaters in a major way over the past few months, there’s no denying that it’s still a major problem for the game, one that they need to fix if they want it to be sustainable. Now, another service has been caught up in the ban.

Cheats created by the company EngineOwning, which were previously claimed to be “undetected”, have now been detected by Activision. Vice is also reporting that around 20,000 people were banned during this sweep.

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EngineOwning offered a number of different “undetectable” cheats before they were discovered by Activision.

This has already begun making waves on social media, particularly after popular Twitch streamer Wagnificentt revealed that he was one of the players banned on September 29.

According to the streamer, he was “falsely banned,” and is “deeply confused” about the situation; however, a report published shortly thereafter by charlieINTEL claimed, according to a source, that Wag had indeed been targeted for using EngineOwning’s cheats in the battle royale.

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Of course, the fact that he streams Warzone live to “thousands of viewers” doesn’t eliminate the possibility that Wagnificentt was using cheats. One of the biggest draws of EngineOwning’s products was that they’re supposedly “undetected,” meaning those in the audience wouldn’t be able to spot it on the broadcast.

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The streamer followed up his initial tweet with another post, which has since been deleted but once again claimed that he was not cheating and his reputation was at stake.

Wagnificant was banned for apparently using EngineOwning cheats but he claims this is false.

What happened with EngineOwning?

EngineOwning offered over 50 cheats for Modern Warfare and Warzone, including major ones like aimbots, wallhacks, and more – things that give players an insurmountable advantage over everyone else.

After this massive ban wave, Modern Warfare/Warzone is currently the only game out of 14 games listed on EngineOwning website that has been labeled as “detected,” no longer claiming that their software could be hidden.

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Currently, it’s unknown whether or not a lawsuit will be brought against them, such as what Activision has done to other companies who offer such third-party services.

As always, we will continue to update this story as it develops.

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