Modern Warfare bug reveals what Warzone in 3rd person would look like

. 2 years ago
Warzone 3rd person
Infinity Ward

Warzone is a totally first-person experience, but other battle royale’s like Fortnite and PUBG support third-person too – and this bizarre glitch in Modern Warfare has revealed what it could look like in Warzone.

Because Warzone is based in the Call of Duty universe – specifically Modern Warfare, although it’s migrating to Black Ops Cold War in December too – the gameplay is built from the ground up for first-person.

But, there have been some calls for a third-person mode, even just as an LTM, just to provide a fresh way to play the game.

Players have previously found glitches in regular Modern Warfare multiplayer that show the game in a third-person view, but now we have our first look at what it would be like in the battle royale mode specifically.

Warzone 3rd person

Warzone in 3rd person?

Thanks to one lucky player, who goes by u/lIllIlIIlIIl on Reddit, we can see how exploring Downtown in 3rd person would appear. The player explains that when a teammate they were reviving quit the game, they were thrown into the new POV.

“A teammate left while I picked him up (he was downed and left mid revive)” the player explained. From that moment, their gameplay was locked into a third-person perspective for the remainder of the round.

Due to the chaos that the Ground War provides, especially on Downtown, it gives a really interesting view on what an official Warzone 3rd person view could look like.

In the video, we see u/lIllIlIIlIIl running around the street of Downtown unable to use the magnification on his sniper rifle as the action of aiming down the sight just moves the camera over the character’s shoulder applying a slight zoom effect in typical TPS fashion.

While historically a purely first-person shooter series, Call of Duty has had a couple of experiments with third-person game modes with Modern Warfare 2 providing a third-person playlist: Third Person Team Tactical.

Modern Warfare while not having a similar game mode present, is not new to glitches of this nature. Earlier this year another Redditor posted a similar glitch which let the user play Survival mode in third-person on the Shoot House map.

Surprisingly, this perspective is very fluid and might suggest that Infinity Ward put some work into the engine in order to make an official third-person Warzone a future reality.

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