Warzone players hit out over constant Rebirth Island mode changes

James Busby
Rebirth Island in Warzone

Warzone’s Rebirth Island has been a popular hit amongst fans since its introduction to the game in Season One. However, fans are frustrated over the constant changes to the map’s modes. 

For many Warzone players, Rebirth Island is the last bastion in a sea of Verdansk woes and misery. Not only does the game’s smaller map make getting kills and leveling up guns faster, but it can also make other non-meta weapons shine.

The smaller engagement ranges of Rebirth’s firefights also make it the perfect place to train your all-important multi-kill skills. 

Combine this with the significant drop in hackers and you have a map that has quickly become a staple for many squads. Well, that’s when the developers aren’t constantly adding new modes, removing quads, and generally messing with what fans enjoy. 

Fans frustrated over Rebirth Island squad changes

Rebirth Island
Rebirth Island’s constant mode changes are driving players away.

“For the love of god, Rebirth is holding the weight of this entire game on its back right now,” says LegionOfGrixis. Just have a simple toggle feature between quads and trios. That’s all they have to do!”

LegionOfGrixis isn’t alone in this sentiment as many Warzone players prefer to play Rebirth over the standard Verdansk modes. Not being able to squad up with your mates because quads have been rotated out is certainly a frustrating issue, especially if you enjoy the more aggressive gunfights. 

A simple toggle feature would certainly alleviate this issue, while players have also suggested that they’d rather wait a little longer in the pre-game lobby to find a match. With so many players queuing up for games of Warzone around the world, it’s hard to believe that adding this simple change would fracture the game’s playerbase. 

Map of Rebirth Island
The Rebirth Island map is significantly smaller than Verdansk and hosts only 40 players.

“Rebirth should act like battle royale in the playlist,” says JoeyAKangaroo. “It stays forever but you can have the choice to play duos, trios, and quads 24/7.”

This is definitely preferable over the current system where squads are either forced to play Verdansk if they want to play quads or simply return when the modes have rotated. 

Whether Activision will change the way they handle Rebirth Island’s modes remains to be seen, but for now, it looks like this frustrating issue is here to stay.