Warzone players argue with MW3 fans over “silly” new Aftermarket Part

Connor Bennett
Modern Warfare 3 characters shooting at each other on Favela map

Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone players are split over the newest Aftermarket Part to be added to the game, with some calling the new attachment “silly.”

With the start of Modern Warfare 3, Call of Duty fans were introduced to a new way to unlock attachments for weapons that is a bonus to the standard method of just leveling up. These are Armory Unlocks, challenging you to complete challenges to get attachments, weapons, and some equipment. 

On top of that, there has also been the introduction of Aftermarket Parts. These attachments can, in some cases, completely change how a weapon works, while others are just a different twist on what is available in-game. 

Some of these Aftermarket Parts have gone down a storm with players, while others have been labeled as “pointless.” However, the newest part has divided opinion between players, especially those who just stick to Warzone

MW3 & Warzone players split over JAK Glassless Optic

The new part, the JAK Glassless Optic, is a twist on the popular MK.3 Reflector sight, offering an increase to Firsing Aim Stability while also being cleaner than some other optics. 

“There are already 1000 sights in the game. I don’t need another,” said one annoyed Warzone fan. “It’s like a sh**tier version of the MK3,” another added. “No need for it and it’s a silly design to angle it in. Too narrow field of view,” commented another. 

Modern Warfare players are seeing the other side of things, however. “Firing aim stability and a sight that’s barely more obstructive than the Mk. 3? I’m sold lmao,” argued one MW3 player. “100% looks like the RDS from AW. I want,” another added. “Adds Firing Aim Stability which is the most important stat in the game so probably worth using,” said another.

As noted, some Aftermarket Parts have quickly become a part of meta loadouts, proving to be integral in some cases.

However, some have already been nerfed too, so it remains to be seen what camp the Glassless Optic falls into.

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