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Warzone players baffled by insane recoil on “unusable” MG42 ground loadout

Published: 9/Dec/2021 23:28

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone players will use any weapon they can find until their loadout but that could change as the MG42 ground loot has everyone mindblown at the uncontrollable recoil.

The Warzone Pacific update brought 40 weapons from Vanguard into the popular battle royale, each with dozens of customization options.

This also means that all the ground loot from Verdansk was replaced by guns from the current Call of Duty edition, Vanguard.

However, players want the devs to take a second look at floor guns after this wild clip of Swagg with an MG42 took the community by storm.

Warzone players mindblown over Vanguard weapon recoil

Ground loot is essential in Warzone especially since players can’t buy a loadout drop until after the first circle closes.


However, players are losing their minds as multiple clips all over Reddit and Twitter are showing off the MG42’s errant recoil. The clip below, posted by ‘theguywithacamera,’ is another example of how awful this recoil is.

Ah this seems like a decent gun, I wonder what the recoil is like…. Oh… from CODWarzone

Between the Swagg clip, the Reddit one, and plenty of others, players have come together in complete shock at how much recoil this gun has.

One person thinks that cheats wouldn’t even help make this loadout viable. “Where’s the dude that was calling Swagg out for Cronus? Nowhere to be found after this clip.”

Twitter was full of reactions of players including fellow Nuke Squad member FaZe Santana and Warzone pro Tommey.


While some people found some comedic value from this another player wasn’t having it at all. “Would love to meet the person who added this gun to the loot pool, and ask if they even cared to playtest the d**n thing.”

It is unlikely that the ground loot will be changed but if we follow previous patches then we can expect a change at the mid-way point if there is a Season 1 Reloaded update. For now, it is probably best to stay away from the MG421 if you find it on Caldera.