Warzone adds new “Single Tap” Tac Sprint settings to combat thumb injuries

Character running away from an explosion in WarzoneActivision

While the Tactical Sprint mechanic in Warzone is useful, activating it multiple times a game can wear on your thumbs, so Raven Software has debuted new “Single Tap” Tac Sprint settings to give players more control over how they move around the map. 

Warzone’s Verdansk is a huge map and any player that likes to move around it with any sort of efficiency will be happy to hear about the three new sprinting options that secretly arrived in the game recently.

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This update aims to reduce the repeated stress on your hands as well as allow players to customize the movement settings to their liking. Before this, the only fix was to enable the Auto Tac Sprint setting in the Controller options, but now there are a few combinations that players can fine-tune to their liking.

While the debate about allowing ATS is still an issue elsewhere in the Call of Duty community, the Warzone faithful don’t have to worry about that and can enjoy these new settings however they would like.

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Ghost operator WarzoneActivision
The new Single Tap sprint settings will offload some of the pain caused by overusing your thumb.

Warzone’s new Tactical Sprint settings will save your thumbs

The three new settings are Double Tap, Single Tap from Run, and Single Tap from Sprint.

While that may sound a little confusing, here’s how it all breaks down:

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  • Double Tap is the standard setting for Tactical Sprint. In order to activate it, simply click-in your left joystick twice while running.
  • Single Tap from Run means that you can click in the stick just a single time while running to activate tactical sprint.
  • Single Tap from Sprint means that you need to click-in your stick to begin sprinting, and then once more to begin Tactical Sprinting. This is different from the Double Tap setting, as it allows you to sprint for as long as you’d like before using the second click.

Sprint settings added to Warzone recently

How do the new Sprinting options affect your settings?

Each of these new settings will act as a companion to your previous setup instead of replacing it.

If you had the Auto-Sprint option enabled before, you can turn on “Single Tap from Sprint” and the game will recognize your left thumbstick input as a sprint, meaning you won’t have to worry about conflicting settings.

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The same goes for anyone who uses Auto Tactical Sprint, as enabling it will override any of the other variations.

This may not be a revolutionary change, but any update that makes life easier and more accessible for players is always welcome.