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Warzone player gets trapped in room after using Red Door

Published: 29/Aug/2021 23:33

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone Season 5 is still fairly new to the community and new things are getting discovered every day. This season saw a change to the Red Door system in Verdansk and this player picked the wrong door, getting stuck all alone.

Red Doors were first introduced to Warzone in Season 4. These doors can be found in random locations and teleport you to a room with rare loot.

Season 5 updated this system, and now players enter a door and are taken to a hallway with four more. They then have to listen for the right sound cue before entering the door that will take them to the loot.


This player was chasing a kill when they ran through one of the doors just to realize they had been bamboozled.

Warzone Red Doors
Players may have to fight for their lives after teleporting through Red Doors in Warzone Season 5.

Warzone player gets trapped after using Red Door

Players are typically happy when they find a Red Door as it allows them to get access to top-tier loot that can’t be found anywhere else.

This Reddit clip posted by ‘BeesusPls’ shows what happens when you try to chase for a kill. This player just wanted to stay on the trail of an opponent but things got tricky when a Red Door got involved.

Pushed a dude who just teleported in to the Red Door Room, and then the game decided it wants to lock me in!! Probably karma for using a Streetsweeper 🙁 from CODWarzone

They were teleported just to realize that the enemy they were chasing was no longer in the room. To make matters worse the game glitched out and the player was now trapped in the room — with no way out.


None of the doors would open causing this player to be stuck in the room until the gas reached them. However, since this was a game of Buy Back solos it wasn’t the end of the game for this operator.

Luckily, for them, they had plenty of money to buy themselves back once the gas was able to kill them. It’s an unfortunate bug but one that players are having a good laugh about.