Secret Warzone MP5 buff makes it one of the game’s best weapons

Warzone MP5 Season Five BuffActivision

An unannounced Season Five buff for the Modern Warfare version of the MP5 SMG has made it one of the strongest weapons in Warzone, drastically increasing its damage, and viability. 

When Warzone first launched back in the spring of 2020, the Modern Warfare MP5 quickly established itself as the strongest close-range weapon in the battle royale.

However, like many weapons since then, it has fluctuated in popularity and viability, with many now preferring Cold War’s MAC-10 or Bullfrog for their close-range weapon of choice.

That is not to say that the Modern Warfare MP5 is useless though – it still sees some play at casual levels and remains a long way ahead of its Cold War version.

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It could be set for an explosion in popularity in the near future as previously unannounced buffs appear to be surfacing.

Modern Warfare MP5 WarzoneTreyarch/Activision
The Modern Warfare MP5 is deadly at close-range.

An August 29 YouTube video from Warzone content creator TrueGameData explored the unannounced buff, which appears to have dropped with the August 25 patch (despite not being present in Raven’s notes).

After receiving a tip-off from one of his subscribers, TGD found the buff to be true, with the MP5’s TTK drastically improved as a result. Its damage appears to be stronger, with both the 10mm 30-round mags and standard 9mm mags being on the receiving end.

Comparing the weapon to Warzone’s other SMGs, TGD found that it was one of the most powerful close-range weapons in the game and that its buff was significant.

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It’s not entirely clear why the Modern Warfare MP5 received such a generous buff, or why it was omitted from the official patch notes.

If the buff was a mistake then we can expect an official reversal in the coming days but Raven’s silence on the matter may be telling.

For now, drop into Verdansk, equip 10mm mags, and enjoy the improved MP5.