Warzone Pacific Season 5 Reloaded adds major price change for loadout drops

Ryan Lemay
warzone pacific loadout drops

Season 5 Reloaded finally reduces the price of loadout drops after an overwhelming community vote.

Warzone Season 5 Reloaded marks the end of an era for the popular battle royale. In the game’s final major update before Warzone 2, the developers rebalanced weapons, buffed the Scavenger Perk, and recalled memorable community moments.

Raven Software prided itself on making quality of life changes, and the development team thanked players in the Season 5 Reloaded blog for everything accomplished in Caldera’s near-year-long run.

To give the game a proper send-off, Warzone’s final season brings back fan-favorite game modes, adds Rebirth Island back into the regular map rotation, and implements a highly-requested feature based on a community poll.

Warzone operator in Season 5 screenshot

Season 5 Reloaded decreases price of loadout drops

In August, Raven Software polled players and asked if they would like a loadout price reduction at every circle.

Over 20,000 people voted, and just under 75% voted in favor of decreased loadout prices. Cheaper loadouts with every new circle makes it easier for players to get back in the game after earning a second chance through the Gulag or allow players to change their loadout based on the final circle location.

The developers stated in the Season 5 Reloaded blog, “we are happy to bring this change to battle royale to give better mid-to-late game regain opportunities.”

Regain is a common term used in the CoD competitive community, referring to staying composed after a frustrating moment. In Warzone, the word means a player making a comeback after getting eliminated earlier.

New Warzone loadout drop prices

  • Similar to “Titanium Trials,” Loadout Drop Markers in the Buy Station will now cost $500 less per circle.
    • Circle 1 = $10,000
    • Circle 2 = $9,500
    • Circle 3 = $9,000
    • Circle 4 = $8,500
    • Circle 5 = $8,000
    • Circle 6 = $7,500
    • Circle 7 = $7,000
    • etc.

The jury is still out on whether or not we will see loadouts for Warzone 2. At Call of Duty Next, content creators discovered loadouts were removed.

However, a leak on September 27 revealed loadouts and perks returning after the preview event backlash. We will provide an update if the leak is substantiated.

But for now, enjoy cheaper loadout drops on Caldera during Warzone’s final season.

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