Warzone finally adds ‘Eagle Child’ calling card after viral Reddit post

Jacob Hale
Warzone eagle child calling card with warzone logo

Warzone has officially added an ‘Eagle Child’ calling card, after a viral post from one player was so wholesome they couldn’t ignore it.

Warzone fast became one of the biggest Call of Duty games in history when it launched in 2020, offering frenetic CoD gameplay in a battle royale environment.

Alongside the rise of Warzone on Twitch and with many top streamers on the game, some lingo and terminology rose to the top to be used by all players. For example, “thirsting” someone by killing them while they’re downed, rather than seeking the squad wipe.

While these types of words aren’t exclusive to Warzone, it definitely popularized them, and one term that became very common is “ego chall,” short for ego challenge, where you challenge a gunfight despite having a clear disadvantage.

In one post that went viral, though, one confused player couldn’t wrap their head around what their favorite streamers were saying, finally asking what an ‘Eagle Child’ is, much to the amusement of the community.

Eagle Child goes viral

To commemorate the moment, developers Raven Software have brought out an Eagle Child calling card as part of their ‘Warzone Stories’ calling card collection, celebrating some of the biggest moments in Warzone’s more than two-year life span.

They said: “Whether you think it’s “Ego Challenge” or “Eagle Child”, we want you to feel represented either way.”

They also introduced Calling Cards featuring the Grau, celebrating the original meta, as well as one for the DMR and another targeted at campers on Rebirth Island, as outlined in their Season 5 Reloaded patch notes.

The best news is that the calling card is completely free to all users, alongside the mid-season update on September 28, 2022.

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