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Warzone March 11 update spreads Zombies around map ahead of leaked nuke event

Published: 11/Mar/2021 18:35 Updated: 11/Mar/2021 19:42

by Theo Salaun


As anticipated, a new Call of Duty: Warzone update on March 11 has brought upon the zombie invasion as fans are notified that Shipwreck’s undead are moving throughout southeastern areas of Verdansk.

When Shipwreck was added to the Verdansk coastline, between Prison and Port, fans immediately thought of Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale, which featured numerous locations crowded by zombies. Coupled with various easter eggs, devoted fans thought the undead might be spreading.

Now, Warzone’s developers have announced that zombies have begun spreading throughout Verdansk and that players should be careful around Prison as well as Shipwreck. This coincides with earlier expectations and seems like a seamless buildup toward a leaked nuke event.


Fans have been hoping that the nuke event would mean the destruction of a Verdansk map that has become overrun by zombies, leading to an entirely new map for Season 3. Well, the zombies are spreading and it, therefore, appears that things are trending in that direction.

As explained in the March 11 update blog, a contagion warning has been broadcast for the Shipwreck epicenter “as well as territories immediately east, including the Zordaya Prison Complex and surrounding areas.”

The accompanying graphics show a “5%” ticker, suggesting that this is the humble beginning of a growing problem. It remains unclear which areas will next be infected, but, with the way things are going, it might not be long before the northwestern Dam is the safest place in Verdansk.


For now, though, Prison is the newly contaminated zone. Players have already dropped in and discovered that the “Prison” overlay on the map has a red slash through it, akin to the one seen on Shipwreck at the start of Season 2.

This all coincides directly with leaks and expectations built on teasers. Initially, fans discovered that it was likely the zombies would spread throughout Verdansk — thanks in part to an official tweet and some easter eggs. This worked with the leaks of “Plague” files to suggest a zombie spread would lead to a nuke event.

Based on the most recent leaks and this current progress, it appears that zombies may gradually continue to spread throughout Verdansk.


Present expectations hold that the undead will make their way toward other POIs as we trend toward a nuke event and a new map sometime in April.