New Warzone teaser hints at Zombies takeover ahead of leaked nuke event

Tanner Pierce
Zombies in Warzone

A brand-new teaser from Activision seems to be hinting that zombies, which were previously restricted to one spot, will slowly but surely be making their way throughout Verdansk in Warzone, which may lead directly into a leaked game mode.

If you’ve been wanting to fight the undead in Warzone, but find it hard to accomplish due to the fact that they’re restricted to one area, then there may be some good news in store for you soon.

On March 5, 2021, Activision posted a parody news report about the zombies in Verdansk over on Call of Duty’s official Twitter account. The tweet itself says that the undead have been seen “exiting the Warzone shipwreck,” where they were previously being held.

Zombies were previously restricted to the Shipwreck POI in Warzone, but that might be changing soon.

While the video and teaser is pretty funny, this seems to hint that the zombies in Verdansk are going to slowly spread across the city.

Zombies originally joined the game with the Shipwreck POI back at the start of Season 2, so if they’re expanding to the rest of the map, that could mean some major changes to how the game is played going forward. Most notable, however, is that this may hint at something greater.

Back on March 4, audio files for a Warzone mode called Plague were leaked and include voice lines about Verdansk being “overrun” and that players will have to take it back. Some lines from the mode also say that the city is “lost,” before confirming that a nuke in inbound for the island.

Many are speculating that the aforementioned mode will be the end of the current Verdansk map as we know it and if that’s the case then this Zombies expansion could be the first step in getting a brand-new map in the game. Of course, some of this is a bit speculative but it seems to line up perfectly.

Between that and the inclusion of the Zombies trials machines in the Verdansk that appeared before the game’s Season 2 launch, it seems inevitable at this point that the undead will be roaming across the city soon. Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see.