Leaked Warzone audio files reveal Verdansk “Plague” event will end Season 2

Warzone gameplayActivision

It appears the theories are true as new Warzone leaks have all but confirmed Season 2 will come to an explosive end with a new ‘Plague’ event asking players to “save Verdansk.”

With Season 2 now well underway, all signs are pointing towards this being our final season in Verdansk. Zombies have now arrived on the map, nuclear silos are opening up, and a leading theory seems to be coming to fruition.

As Zombies rapidly take over the battle royale location, a nuclear event could be the only way to stop them. A number of earlier leaks have aligned with this popular narrative and now, it’s all but certain thanks to newly discovered audio files.

A brand new event called ‘Plague’ could be how Season 2 winds down, according to intel from ‘ZestyCoDLeaks.’: it may see everyone teaming up to defend Verdansk from the hordes of undead, if these leaks hold true.

Zombies in WarzoneActivision
Zombies appear to be the reason Verdansk will be nuked at the end of Season 2.

“Verdansk is overrun, take it back” Warzone’s announcer says in one of the leaked voice lines. As players drop into the map they’ve called home for the past year, it’ll be a final stand against the undead threat.

You and your team will have to clear out ‘Plague Zones’ across Verdansk before exfiltrating. Fall short and consequences are more dire than ever before. 

“Verdansk is lost. End it,” the announcer says upon a failed attempt in the mode. This then leads to a nuclear explosion as the only remaining option to eradicate the Zombies. “Extraction canceled, nuke inbound for Verdansk.”

A successful run sees your team rushing to an exfil site no different to current Zombies modes. Though it appears it will all be for naught in the end, as Season 3 is reportedly set to introduce the next map in Warzone regardless.

Obviously, it’s worth taking this information with a grain of salt for the time being. Season 2 has only just kicked off and while the leaks are certainly piling up, plans could always change.

As we approach the next season, be on the lookout for any new developments across Verdansk. If the ‘Plague’ event is indeed around the corner, it’s likely Zombies will be breaking out any day soon.