Warzone hero makes hacker rage quit after epic riot shield 1v1

Michael Gwilliam
Hacker vs riot shield

A Warzone player put his riot shield skills to the test in a match-clinching one-on-one against a hacker who tried to steal a win in the final moments.

Hackers in Warzone are always annoying to deal with, with aimbot, wall hacks and other cheats that just make them un-fun to play against.

One player, however, decided he wasn’t going to take it anymore and beat a cheater straight up in an epic confrontation where good triumphed over evil.

In a video posted to Reddit by content creator ‘ritorhymes,’ Rito and his squad probably felt like victory was within their grasp with just a single team remaining on Rebirth Resurgence.

Despite the mega man advantage, a hacker began making short work of Rito’s teammates, killing them one by one like a Predator in the jungles.

As such, what seemed like a clear-cut victory turned into a nightmare with the hacker killing each of Rhymes’ teammates twice, including one who was bought back.

With the circle closing in, Rhymes needed to work fast and confronted the hacker in a final battle that surely Disney is trying to secure the movie rights to as we speak.

Warzone armor
Are you brave enough to take on a cheater one-on-one?

Thanks to some help from his riot shield, gas grenades, and thermite, the Warzone player was able to down the hacker, who then ended up rage quitting before he could be finished off.

In an email to Dexerto, Rhymes explained that he’s able to confront and beat hackers consistently thanks to his loadout and tactics.

“Use the Amped perk to minimize the time your shield is lowered and vulnerable when throwing tacticals or lethal,” he advised.

Warzone map
Fighting hackers can be difficult, but you need patience.

“Thermites are one of the quickest lethals you can throw (therefore least risky), but when you stick an enemy, the damage is so slow you’ll need to keep your shield up afterwards blocking shots until the target is downed or they might end up downing you.”

“If they continuously fire at your shield, try to catch them on the reload and be ready to switch your weapon quickly to fire,” he added, but noted that above all else, having a balance between being quick and patient is key to fighting cheaters.

Just goes to show that cheaters aren’t invincible. Just remember, if they bleed, you can kill them.

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