Warzone hacker goes viral on TikTok showing differences between aimbot & silent aim

warzone hacker show silent aim vs aimbot viral tiktokActivision

In a since-deleted viral TikTok, Call of Duty: Warzone players got a peek behind the hacker’s curtains — as a cheater demonstrated how silent aim and standard aimbot look “for educational purposes.”

One of the most controversial Warzone TikTok creators, ‘rushman360’ seems to do a lot of hacking videos under the guise of showing legitimate players what they’re really up against.

While many are reasonably outraged by the TikToker’s content, others find it interesting — as he often breaks down precisely what hacks do, how they look, and how they can be detected. He claims his overall goal is to expose the ugliness so that it is dealt with, but not everyone is convinced.

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Still, one especially controversial video (which has since been removed from both TikTok and Reddit’s Warzone page) breaks down the oft-misunderstood difference between silent aim (or magnetic aim) and aimbot.

As you can see in the clip, rushman is able to toggle between both types of aimbot. And, as he shows in a series of disrespectful kills, the two forms look very different from one another.

When shooting with regular aimbot, the crosshairs practically snap onto targets’ heads with ridiculous speed. This is the form of cheating that is most obvious to those who are watching a killcam or spectating.

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When shooting with silent aim, the crosshair placement doesn’t seem to matter at all, as the bullets magically hit the target no matter where the gun is aimed. This form of hacking would be much harder to be sure of, since it could look like spectator delay.

Of course, sometimes hackers abuse silent aim to the point that it is beyond obvious they are cheating — as was the case during one of FaZe Nio’s games.

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While some Redditors are upset with rushman for showing the hacks, others appreciated the insights. One user responded “demonstrating cheating doesn’t make it acceptable,” while another said “it opened my eyes to have him explain it.”

It should go without saying, but no — you should not buy hacks and cheat in games of Warzone. If you do, not only are you objectively a bad person, you’re also putting yourself at risk of a hardware ban.

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