Warzone pro Aydan discovers bugged wall that’s a death trap for stairwell campers

warzone pro aydan wall bug death trap bug stair campersAndbox / Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone pros Aydan and Jukeyz ran into each other in a tournament and, in doing so, discovered a sneaky glitch. While initially confused, the deathly encounter shows why bugged walls can turn stairwell campers into victims.

During a private lobby tournament, professional Warzone players typically stop flying around like they would in a public lobby filled with “guppies.” So, it should be no surprise that, despite being one of the game’s best players, Jukeyz hunkered down once he sensed a dangerous presence coming his way.

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Unfortunately for “Liverpool Li,” that dangerous presence was Aydan — whose game sense befits his highest-earning Warzone pedigree. While Jukeyz tried to camp the stairs in ambush, a wall bug fully exposed him.

In the moment, Jukeyz was perplexed once he got gunned through the wall. And, after seeing the kill cam, he took to Twitter to joke about Aydan’s hacks, before asking about the annoying bug.

As you can see in the clip, Jukeyz goes fully prone while waiting in the stairwell and, moments later, is beamed from outside of the wall. Normally, that would scream the presence of a hacker, but the kill cam shows why no cheats were needed.

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As you can see from Aydan’s POV, which we’ve included in higher quality below, certain walls can be bugged in Warzone so that a camper’s feet can be seen from outside. (Or, as Jukeyz puts it, his “f**king toes are sticking in Aydan’s mouth.)

From Aydan’s POV, what’s happening is even more obvious. He approaches a suspicious building, looks around, and notices some little shoes sticking out — right by the stairwell. He shoots, he scores, and gets up there to drop a heart emote on Jukeyz before finishing him off.

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There are a lot of buildings in Warzone that are structured similarly to this one, meaning this could have a wider impact. If you’re a stairwell camper, maybe consider not going prone. And, if you’re a camper hunter, maybe consider checking the wall for any toes before entering.

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