7-year-old Warzone prodigy RowdyRogan pulls off wild Throwing Knife squad wipe

Dylan Horetski
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Seven-year-old Warzone streamer RowdyRogan has been playing with his dad since he was in diapers. Since participating in FaZe 5 in 2020, he’s continued to improve and show off his insane skills. 

During an early September stream on Twitch, RowdyRogan and his dad teamed up for a few games of Warzone which led to Rogan showing off his skills with an insane Throwing Knife squad wipe.

The young internet personality started showing his insane Warzone skills in early 2020 before ultimately deciding to enter FaZe 5, a competition led by FaZe Clan that gives creators a chance to compete for one of five spots in the organization.

During the competition, Rogan’s platform exploded when he posted a video online claiming he was banned from his Warzone account which was quickly debunked when he uploaded a video showing it was all planned for the competitions “make a video go viral” challenge.

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RowdyRogan finished last years FaZe 5 competition in the Top 20

RowdyRogan’s insane squad wipe

In his early September stream, RowdyRogan teamed up with his dad and a couple of his friends for a few matches of Warzone. When the young personality was given a set of throwing knives, he managed to pull off what could be his wildest play of the year.

Facing an entire enemy squad with just a set of throwing knives, Rogan proceeded to carry his dad through the battle after wiping the entire squad with his throwing knives.

Reactions to the play seem to be mixed, with some people claiming “I would embarrass this kid.”

While other users claim that someone his age shouldn’t be able to play FPS games.

Some people outright admit they’re not as good as Rogan.

Mixed reactions aside, RowdyRogan is definitely talented when it comes to playing games like Warzone. Maybe one day he’ll fully make his way into FaZe Clan.

And, in the meantime, players can learn from Rowdy’s ways — the Throwing Knife is effective in Warzone for more than just finishing downs.