Warzone players want big shotgun buffs as fan-favorite LTM returns

Female warzone character eyeing up shot with shotgunActivision

Some Call of Duty: Warzone players believe shotguns are in dire need of a buff, especially pump shotguns now that the Scopes & Scatterguns LTM has started to rise in popularity. 

Since Warzone first launched over a year ago, pretty much every type of weapon has had its moment in the spotlight. Early on, players were experimenting with LMGs, RPGs, and long-range weapons, but things have settled down.

In the case of sidearms, pistols do get some love – especially in the early game – but you’ll be hard-pressed to find top players who will build classes around their shotgun counterparts.

Like pistols, the shotguns can be useful in the early game when everyone is scrambling for loot, but once the loadout drops start coming in, you probably won’t see one. Though, players would like to see that changed.

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Shotguns have been used in Warzone, but they’re not entirely popular.

With the Scopes & Scatterguns – Shotty/Snipers, to others – limited-time mode getting some love from players, they’ve had a chance to actually wield shotguns for a more consistent period of time.

As a result, some players have highlighted the fact that they should be a little more powerful, especially those that are Pump Action like the Model 680, Hauer 77, and 725.

“All of these shotguns are thrown to the wayside while their automatic counterparts hog the spotlight,” said Warzone fan Cream-Shpee.”Give them a chance, balance them properly, and make them fun to use instead of frustrating.”

Plenty of players quickly agreed with the sentiment, especially with the Hauer. “Hauer needs a massive buff, been awful for too long,” added one. “Just make them a consistent 2-shot with hip fire against full plates out to a decent range, say 10 meters or so,” suggested another.

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Other players noted that the VLK Rogue – which does fall into the Pump Action category – is pretty powerful currently and goes under the radar compared to the others. “Don’t tell this to anyone, but the VLK Rogue shotty with fire breath is borderline meta,” added evsorr.

Ultimately, the final call on balancing lays with Raven but if non-meta weapons are going to be put in the spotlight then players are going to question why they’re underpowered.